Wednesday, April 1, 2015

So Kevin Smith is Making Mallrats 2

Two weeks ago, when a coworker told me that Kevin Smith would be making Mallrats 2, there was only one way in which I could reply:

Keep in mind, I actually enjoyed Mallrats - to summarize my review, it was a lot of fun, even though it wasn't an especially good film. I just don't think that this is in any way necessary, and I can't imagine what more there is to say about the situations and characters depicted in the original film.

Oh, sorry, for those of you who haven't seen Clerks - you should feel bad for missing out. The whole scene is basically a Great Moments In... Venting About Work:


  1. I like Kevin Smith's work but he's getting too invested in sequels lately. Mallrats has it's charms but there is no need for a follow-up and there are plans for Clerks 3 as well.

    Clerks 2 was a great summation for those characters and I don't see the point of going back to that well other than lack of a better idea(and from what I heard, Tusk was clearly lacking in more than one department). He should take more chances like Red State, that was pretty interesting.

    1. Thanks, lady t, I agree that Clerks 3 is... not something I think film fans need. My big problem - and part of the reason I don't especially like Clerks 2 - is that it's all so self-indulgent. When I saw Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, I liked some of the jokes, but was shocked at how little Smith did was such a good budget and such an impressive cast. The final scene, where J & SB dance to Morris Day & The Time's Jungle Love was cool, but I was simultaneously put off by Smith breaking the fourth wall in the way that he did, just so he could (probably) fulfill a life-long dream of being on stage with Morris.

      And then Clerks 2 gives us an extended dance number with Jay & Silent Bob. And Smith is tweaking his nipples, which is (a) ugh, and (b) something that got old about 10 mins after Austin Powers came out.

      As much as I have liked so much of Smith's work - Red State was a very fine effort on his part - and liked it even when it was just "fun" but not truly "good," I don't like feeling like I'm playing a part in a talented individual basically felating themself. And about 1/4 of Clerks 2 felt like exactly that; And J&SBSB was even worse.

      I just want to see the funny man make some nice stories.

  2. I see your point and it is a valid one*trying not to giggle at the "self felating" line*. Have you ever seen Jersey Girl? That's as close to a mainstream movie that Kevin Smith has ever done and it was pretty decent, especially George Carlin's performance.


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