Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Finally, a movie/classical painting mashup

Wow, I'm still exhausted from the review I wrote earlier this week. Thank heaven that the interweb still provides plenty for me to share - and to write about efficiently! Life's been so hectic lately, it would be easy to fall behind... But just because I'm hard-pressed doesn't mean we can't have fun together.

There's nothing like a job well done, is there? May featured so many pop-culture entries, but this one goes beyond The Batman. An artist called Hillary White decided to add popular film characters to a series of famous paintings. The results are really quite funny, creative, and pretty to look at. I'll give you a tour of 3:

On the upper- right, we have this funny/grotesque look at "The Last Supper." You can see Skeletor from He-Man, the Luck Dragon from The Neverending Story, Ninja Turtles, Spiderman, Kermit, Darth Vader, and the freaky-deaky eye monster from Pan's Labyrinth. It's great, sacrilegious, and unnerving all at the same time.

Luckily, I'm not offended by religious imagery, or parodies of them. Actually, since religion dominated most art (and the world) in Ye Olden Days, most of this series will, naturally, end up being taken from paintings with a religious bent...

Does he hiss at the sky?
And what can possibly be cuter than seeing an Alien in the throes of deep, painful regret? Can you feel the passion? The sorrow? His little acid-pumping heart surely bleeds at the loss; and that blood probably melts through the 4 floors below...

And who doesn't love the thought of a merciless Alien finding love and loss in Russia? This painting was based on Ilya Repin's "Ivan the Terrible and his Son, Ivan," which is both an inspired and a left-field choice. I've never seen the original work until after I found this...

I couldn't, of course, post every picture from the source site. That would be lame. Since I had to choose just 3, the next one seemed perfect. So behold the classic "Whistler's Turtle."

Isn't it just grand? This sort of idea is long overdue, and I'm so happy that someone managed to execute them with such skill and humor. I love these! What do you think?


  1. These are, dare I say it, adorable. I especially have a soft spot for the alien one. Way too funny!

    1. These are genius, aren't they? I love the alien one so much; it made me laughe for like a minute straight, and since I was alone at the time, I hope my neighbors don't think I'm insane...


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