Thursday, June 21, 2012

Aliens Musical and Pulp Fiction Timeline Map!

So, let's kick things off by with something I love: the movie Aliens. It's an all-time favorite, as are Jon and Al, who I've mentioned before for their musical parodies of Predator, Conan, The Thing, and Sean Connery's crazy accent. Now, they're graced us all with Aliens: the Musical. God, I wanna give these guys a small parade.

When I closed out 2011, I made sure to post some great videos. One was a youtube link that had all of Pulp Fiction, in chronological order. It's a fine movie - one I loved - but I haven't paid it much attention here.

Enter Noah Daniel Smith, the man smart and skilled enough to create a perfect graphic timeline of all the events in Pulp Fiction. No point in using a bunch of fancy adjectives or comparisons to say how impressed I was. Or, perhaps...

And thus verily! were we all wowed by the - sigh, just look:

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