Monday, June 18, 2012

Question for the Week of June 18 - June 24: Predator Names

This is not just a question I asked myself, I'm asking it to you as well.
How do you feel about the names of Arnie's crew in Predator? They're called: Dutch, Dillon, Blain, Hawkins, Billy, Mac, and Ramirez.
I think it's both funny and awful. I love multi-culturalism, so it's great to see a a movie cast that isn't all white men. We've only got 2 brothers, 1 latino, 1 Native American, and 3 honkies. It's a strange group to accept, though.

I want to count Schwarzenegger as a minority, due to his heavy Bavarian accent and that his last name means "black plowman." But Carl Weather's Dillon is a weird case, as he's not part of the actual team. And Ramirez shouldn't count because he's very, very pale, and his Spanish is accentless (then again, the actor's name is Richard Chaves).

Still, we're talking about a 1987 Hollywood production, so even having two non-Anglos (and with no friction over their backgrounds, either) is a very nice move. I can't believe that the names manage to be even more diverse than the actors - they are so extremely far-ranging, it's the cast-name equivalent of a Benetton ad.

And honestly, I don't care if I already posted this video before - it's a masterpiece, and I'm nearing 300 posts on Net-flixation, so I'll take a rare moment to gratify myself. At least, unlike some people, I'll make sure you're (probably) entertained, too; I'm giving that way:

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