Friday, June 1, 2012

Arnold Gets Mixed!

I don't like mocking people's accents, because that's often at least kind of racist - and because teasing people for being different is just lousy humor; a good comedian doesn't need to mock someone's accent or looks - the worst parts are always inside, right? I think it has nothing to do with my own father's Spanish-inflected English.

In an ideal world, we would all know at least 4 languages, and when someone's who's European, Asian, or African tries to pronounce words in English, no one would think twice because it's damn hard to pronounce words right if you're an American trying on Cantonese, French, or Urdu.

And yet, it's so hard not to enjoy Arnold Schwarzenneger's voice. Do you remember the vids I linked to ages ago, the two where Arnie was dubbed as Darth Vader in Star Wars?

I'm glad that someone kept Arnie in mind when they wanted to make music. I just thought I'd share the joy of two videos I discovered courtesy of Uproxx.The first is a nice, mellow trip-hop tune called "Who Is Your Daddy (and what does he do?)":

But I greatly prefer the club/techno/rave-infused hard-kicking beats of "Put That Cookie DOWN!" It takes the first minute to set up the scene from Jingle All The Way, with Arnie and Phil Hartman having a phone conversation. Then it just goes completely insane... It's actually kind of beautiful - and, again, insane.

Of course, this reminds me of Hartman's tragic death, how good he was, and how much I truly admired that skilled actor - so yes, I just made myself a little sad... But I know Phil was an ultra-cool man, and I'm sure he'd love this:

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