Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Star Wars/Raiders Stage Play Mashup

May is now at a close. It's been a banner month for me, Half a Film Student, and for this site, Net-flixation. Why? I posted more this month than ever before! By a lot, too - the record was this April's 17. May's 25 posts were helped along by DJ's long-awaited return to the site with his excellent Double-Dip review of Malice.

And I finally broke 4000 hits for one month! Almost 4400, beating the previous record, 3997. It's just incredible! June will feature more fan-made gems, as well as the "question for the week of" entries. There may be fewer reviews, as I'm contributing elsewhere now, too; I'll link to those entries here, in my "Reviewing With Others" posts.

But not every movie I watch this month will be on assignment, so expect to see my reviews for The Dark Knight Rises, etc, on this site.

This month leaned heavily on fan-made work, and I close it with one piece that's very different from the rest: the winners of the annual Star Wars fan film contest got to play out their vision on the stage. There's nothing quite like a big budget stage adaptation of your own independent movie, huh?

George Lucas was in attendance, which is an honor for any SW fan, much less budding filmmakers. Whatever the complaints about the Prequels (or the altered originals) are, Lucas is still an amazing role model for struggling & indie directors...

Even cooler, tho, they got the talented Seth Green, the lovely and skillful Jaime King, and the excellent original cast member Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) to play some of the roles! Fans who were in the crowd were brought in to act, as well - many of them were rewarded thusly for giving up their seats at the front of the theater (I assume it was for kids or the disabled). Nice incentive!

I can't say I love this work, but I'm a very passionate man, and the creators did a neat, unlikely job of mashing up two movies I love. The stunts are very fine (quite surprising, really), and the score is, of course, amazing... Enjoy!

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