Friday, May 4, 2012

Adam Yauch Is Gone

I love the Beastie Boys. Not "more than a friend," but still... And today, I learned that MCA, also known as Adam Yauch, is dead. This musician, film-maker, and hyper-Buddhist finally succumbed to the cancer that plagued the last years of his life.

The Beastie Boys, and Yauch individually, are very important, both to myself and the whole 20th Century. They never lost relevance in the 00's or 10's, and this day brings their importance into focus - if in the worst possible way.

I hesitated to post, because there aren't enough words to express how awful this is. What I can say is that he was a figure in independent film, part of one of the best rap/hip-hop groups ever, and an overall cool guy.

Hang your heads in sadness, think about what we've all lost, and then find a way to celebrate (life and music) that MCA would be proud of. Do, as I saw one of the Beasties do in concert, a kicking handstand off a massive speaker.

It's not their best song, by far, but "Sabotage" offers a good view of Adam's face, looks like an awesome cop film, and is a good track. If I just wrote this for myself I'd use something from Paul's Boutique.

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