Monday, May 21, 2012

The Vader Sessions is a Work of Genius

Darth Vader, especially if you know Star Wars and Empire, is one of the greatest film villains ever. There's not much competition for a capable bad-ass like him.

Similarly, everyone with a brain reveres James Earl Jones because he's a fine actor and has a magnificent voice. We all know him as the speaker behind the mask, and Lucasfilm deserves credit for picturing that sound coming out of that great costume.

Then someone made "The Vader Sessions" - dialogue from various James Earl Jones' movies is grafted onto scenes from Star Wars, and it is just pure, unadulterated genius. I have to admire and love the person who found this great JEJ movie line:
I had a nervous breakdown, once - after 14 years on The Force
I feel silly, since I've known about this vid since 2005 and never posted it here. This vid has cursing and the n-word (Jones is saying it, duh), so play it somewhere safe; it's a little long, too, but there is no way you won't also love most of this:

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