Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The B@man Musical is... stunning

On April 20, this year, something special happened to me: I found out about the B@man Musical. These same people already found nerd-fame with a Harry Potter musical 3 years ago.

It is an insane, funny, clever, long-ass work of art. It's also intentionally campy and has swear words in it.

It's on Youtube in 14 parts, so I recommend that you have some time on your hands and take advantage of the "Queue" or "Playlist" features the site provides. The above link in this post leads to a page that points to all 14.

Or go here, where a Batman expert (you can laugh, but he knows more than Clooney) gushes about how good it is.

Better still, the soundtrack is available on Bandcamp, so you can listen to this as much as you like. Is this good, imaginative, fun?


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