Monday, May 28, 2012

Voice Acting Greats Do a Star Wars Table Read

Last week, courtesy of AV Club (as usual), I learned of something grand: this March, a Comic-Con in Seattle gathered some voice acting greats - Futurama's John Dimaggio (Bender), Billy West (Fry, The Professor, Zoidberg), among other esteemed voice-experts. They read aloud the script to Star Wars: A New Hope - in the style of characters chosen by fans!

Awesome idea. And the gathered brilliant voice artists pull it off beautifully. It's an exquisite pleasure, hearing Jabba the Hut as Tony Soprano, or Han Solo as a PowerPuff Girl! Porky Pig, Calculon, Inspector Gadget, Christopher Walken, Wakko and Yakko... these brilliant actors run wild with their imaginations, and the effect is excellent.

It's a read-through of the first half of the first SW, so expect this to go on for just 80 minutes. It will be worth your time, and I hope that many more of these are staged soon. Thank heaven for the internet, huh?

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