Friday, May 25, 2012

Don't Get Batman for Your Kid's Party

At least, Chris Nolan's version. It's just gonna be... too gritty. Also, really really funny. This skit drags on (the pinata, specifically), but it's still very inspired and nicely-executed.

I can't believe I've posted about Batman so many times this month. My favorite part is probably the cake; you'll see.


  1. This. So much this. I have no more to say. That's WAY too brilliant.

    1. Right? Honestly, the Pinata scene started to go on to long, but then they followed it up with a perfect recreation of the last moments in TDK. So smart, and totally saved the moment.

      And I love the cake scene. Love, love, love.

      Wait til you see the Darth Vader clip I have coming up!


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