Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Sean Connery Musical Parody

I feel a bit embarrassed! I've referred to them twice already, and I thought it was a collective called jonandal! It turns out that Jon and Al (John and Al Kaplan) are the two clever, musically-minded souls behind Conan: The Musical and Predator: the Musical. Well, they're back with something new, and I'm in the sharing mood.

I do a pretty mean Sean Connery voice. I've gotten many people to laugh at all sorts of jokes using "a little bit of Conn," as I like to say. Jon and Al, however, went the full route, writing and performing a two-minute song about it. They don't just show mastery of Sean's constantly pronouncing the letter "s" like a "sh," that's actually what the whole song is about.

Fer reals. Please watch and enjoy - since I just covered 70's disaster pic, "The Cassandra Crossing," I'm running low on finished reviews to post. I'll keep the variety going, but I can't promise more. Look at this way: I promised more reviews on March 23, and I've put up 21 of them since. It's been less than 2 months, so promise complete.

I digress. Take a look at Jon and Al's genius wit, and be kind to your film reviewers. And next time you're in the shower, take a little moment to belt out a few lines of "'S' with an 'h'."


  1. haha that was hilarious!

    Even better than the Conan musical.

    I've always wondered why Connery never bothered to change his accent even when playing a Russian...

  2. Thanks a ton, Jack! It's been raining all week in new york, and a light-hearted song just felt perfect.

    I have this horrible feeling that there is no happy answer to Sean's lack of accent diversity. You chose a great example too - my brother often joked about "Red October," and how totality improbable of Ruskie Sean (tho technically, I think he's Lithuanian).


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