Monday, September 3, 2012

Question for the Week of Sept 3-9: Modern Movie Trends

What would I change most about modern movie trends?
Wow. Well, some Question entries are long, backed-up with a lot of thought and argument to support my opinion. I'm inclined to support my thoughts so you know where I'm coming from and why. But 2012 is a whole new year, even if it's sort of old by now - and I don't need to write as if my every idea is judged by the Gods of Good Taste.

This time out, it's clean and simple:
  1. Movies wouldn't always be about male leads; men and women would truly share the lead spot, and women would get more leading roles that are fully-developed and not as "women who are defined by men."
  2. There would be more racial/ethnic/whatever diversity in films. There would be fewer Tyler Perry-style movies "for minorities," because minorities would appear more often in everything.
  3. Remakes would be less common, carefully chosen to ensure the new director/writer has a real vision for a way to "make it their own."
  4. Remakes would not suddenly change the locale from some foreign country to the good ol' USA, nor make the lead an American for no reason other than appealing to US audiences.
  5. Remakes of foreign films would be managed by the foreign directors that made them in the first place, and those directors would have a lot of control of the project. OR, in the (preferable) alternative, audiences would become more accustomed to reading subtitles, so we would actually watch the original picture...
  6. Projects would not get a green light because they're based on well-known "properties" like board games (Battleship), video games (Resident Evil: Transliteration), and pop culture figures (The Phantom). They would actually require something like a commendable story to get studio approval.
  7. Indie and foreign films would get a wide theatrical release, so you don't have to go miles out of your way to catch them - or hope that they're as popular as The Brotherhood of the Wolf, Howl's Moving Castle, or Pan's Labyrinth.
  8. The star system would collapse, and people like Sylvester Stallone, Nic Cage, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Cruise, Will Smith, and Jennifer Aniston would get a chance to genuinely perform and act like actors act.
  9. DeNiro, Samuel L. Jackson, Nic Cage, and Pacino would carefully think through the roles they take, and assume parts that they can actually flesh out without relying on their status or old roles.
  10. Any remake/sequel based on a popular genre film would focus on doing something worthwhile and different from the original, not re-telling the same old stories. There would be no A Nightmare On Elm Street reboots, no Aliens Versus Whatever, and no Ocean's Fourteen.
  11. George Lucas would give over his writer/director credits to the people that actually made the movies that bear his name. He wouldn't be allowed to "update" these films without permission from the actual original directors. And he wouldn't make or write new films at all - unless he had someone guiding his hand the whole time, someone who doesn't just accept whatever Lucas says. 

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