Monday, September 24, 2012

Romney Romantic Comedy Posters

I really looked forward to today's Fan-made Gem - until I found one that was even better. But the last thing I want is to have a big political argument here. There's no point in getting into some sort of social debate on a film site - it's not just divisive, it's off-topic.

Today, I'm just highlighting another site that loves movies, and was inspired to create something, something artistic because of them. In this case, we have the fantastically-named site, Rom Com.  It's a tumblr that photoshops Mitt Romney onto the covers of many romantic comedies. It's a simple idea, but it's used incredibly well.

A straight-talking billionaire says exactly what a group of lined-pocket supporters want to hear, but what he doesn’t know is that the other 47% of the country is listening.
Now, if you want political messages or criticism, the posters all have a phony plot description, like the one above. Occasionally, they read like they're just attacks; some are actually solid criticism.

All of them are at least a little funny. The one below, for example:

An orator billionaire declares his love for country and promises to restore America’s promise without committing to any details.
And honestly, I found even some of the mean jokes to be hysterical. These promos often paint Romney out to be a combo of an Ayn Rand character and a Bond villain. He's a billionaire in every one - I guess the tumblr's owner thinks Mitt has no range. Anyway, all that sort of over-the-top silliness never gets old.

It's just a shame some people are politically sensitive.

I wasn't going to include the fake synopses at first, but realized that it would be unfair to do that. The blurbs are part of some really inventive photo work, and there really isn't any controversy here. It's not like I'm afraid of offending, I just... want to do it on purpose(?).

No one should miss the appeal of shots like this:
A foolhardy billionaire seizes a golden opportunity to bankrupt a copper plant, but his mettle is tested when a female night shift manager melts his heart.
I don't get my hands dirty like that on this site. Hell, I wouldn't need to, thanks to people like the blog's creator, whose name is "Gaffetank." I'm just showing you the funny, fun work that comes across the web as more and more people are inspired by cinema. This time, it's politically-loaded...

I suggest you get over to the Rom Com 2012 tumblr soon. There are less than 30 posters available now, but new ones are still going up at random times. I'll be back tomorrow with more fun for all of us - or dire news. Yeah, one of those two...

A crafty billionaire finds it’s easy to love life with a broken system and a favorable tax rate.

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