Friday, September 21, 2012

Reviewing with Others, Pt. 20: The Sacred Science

When I say "life is good," I'm wrong: it's much, much better than that. I not only broke 5k hits for a month, I'm heading straight toward 7k. I'm also about to hit my 350th post, and I've nearly got 200 combined reviews on the site. Everything's coming up perfect! But enough bragging - on to the post...

I watched The Sacred Science, an indie documentary about 8 people on a journey to the Amazon. They're all chronically-ill, and they want to try the natural, holistic medicine carried out by shaman who live in the jungle. tSS was well-shot, hopeful, and compelling. No joke: 5 people get cured, 2 don't, and 1 dies.

I liked The Sacred Science quite a bit; it's a smart doc with a really interesting subject. Read my review over at Man, I Love Films, if you want to learn more (which you totally should). It goes up at 9:00 AM EST. Enjoy, everyone!

That's all for this week, nameless/faceless web surfers. I'll come back at ya next week with another 4 posts; they will all kick ass.

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