Friday, September 14, 2012

Honest Trailers: Hunger Games

This month has been great. On a personal level, I've made some nice advances in the jobs - yes plural - that I hold. I've also had a lot of fun. And after a small drop below 4k hits for August, I've almost beat last month's hit count - less than half-way through September! Rock the f on...

In the actual post part of this post, we come to: The Honest Trailers folks, and their latest work. They made this video in August, actually, but I just haven't had a chance to add this clip until now; I've been super-busy.

First, I should note that I haven't read The Hunger Games books, nor seen the movie. And I don't intend to, as my review of Battle Royale makes clear that this story has already been done before - and beautifully, perfectly.

Still, I did get a good laugh from this clip. I was shocked, since the story elements that were removed for the movie sound like a big deal, and I would've been disappointed by the loss; some is the sort of stuff that really adds to character, and other things removed go to the basics of the movie's world. Also, what the hell is up with their outfits?

I hope you enjoy it and get a good laugh, too. Thoughts? They really should've explained all the factions, shouldn't they? And these folks should actually look hungry, right?

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