Monday, November 19, 2012

Ranker's Great Alternate Endings List

Let me tell ya, I'm feeling so happy that I added the Fair Warning page recently. Obviously I must've foreseen the future and realized I'd be riding the subway in to work with my cell phone showing me that once again a draft got published instead of the finished post.

But let's not dwell. It happened, it's over. I'll try to figure out why this has happened like 5 times over the last month and half, when it barely occurred before.

Ranker recently came up with an excellent list of alternate endings for some fairly well-known movies. It includes the usual entries - Blade Runner, Brazil, I Am Legend (sigh), Fatal Attraction. Hell, Little Shop of Horrors made it in, and I've seen like 6 posts since October about its original ending.

But it does bring something new to the table, too: I didn't know that Dante was supposed to die in Clerks(!). Wow, I guess he was supposed to be an allegory for Christ. "For I have told thee before, that I am not supposed to be here today, my son..." There's also some surprising differences with the endings to of Deep Blue Sea, 1408, and The Lion King.

It's nice to be surprised, right? It's also nice to be reminded how messed up The Descent was; damn, I have to watch that again soon.

Now, JF Sargent's list does drop the ball once or twice, with #15 being a very, very weak choice. He also covered the alt ending for Army of Darkness, but without noting that the theatrical release itself was a messed-up alternate take of the whole damn story. No wonder I didn't like that movie - outside editors were hired in post-production, and they left us with plots that made no sense...

Anyway, the top of the list is interesting, and the middle five are very well-observed. I also appreciate the fact that it has five entries per page, instead of trying to make you click through the post 15 times. I hate that.

It's worth mentioning that this week will have a Bond-themed Fan-made Gem, as well as two or three reviews, since I didn't have time to finish a reviewing with others entry  . Two of those be indie reviews for Man, I Love Films, but at least one will go up here and here alone. And DJ wants to review Skyfall, so there's that to look forward to...

My week's already off to a great start. I'm going to get back to work, and debate seeing Looper for a second time in the theater..

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