Sunday, November 25, 2012

Reviewing with Others, Pt. 29: Linotype

I just watched and reviewed Linotype, a documentary about a machine that's basically the 19th Century's most perfect printing press. My thoughts can be read or whatever over here at Man, I Love Films.

As to the upcoming week: I'll stick to the Fan-made Gem/Question/Review/random entry schedule. The Question coming up should be a lot of fun for everyone, and the Gem is pretty good. And I think that, in addition to an indie review, I'll finally post MRQ XII this week. Also, there should be 5 posts this week instead of the usual 4.

Naturally, the real shame here is that the awesome "T2 Mitt Romney" post from mid-November is now no longer on my homepage. Then again, the only way I would be truly happy is if that clip played every time you visited my site...

Or every time I closed my eyes.

See you all tomorrow
Half a Film Student

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