Sunday, November 11, 2012

Reviewing with Others, Pt. 27: Sironia

This week, I saw Sironia - it's a fantastic drama about a musician who jumps immediately from success to failure, forcing him and his just-pregnant wife to move to her home town in Texas (Sironia). They adjust to their new lives there, but their fresh start is far from smooth.

I chose to review this film the instant I saw Amy Acker was starring in it. She's a fantastic actress, and my capricious choice paid off in spades because this was a great, rewarding, funny, and true-to-life movie. It's very atypical, in a lot of ways, and bonus points were awarded for the excellent cast, which includes Jeremy Sisto, Robyn Lively, and the exceptional Tony Hale.

Read my glowing review over at Man, I Love Films. And then come back here on Monday; I'm not certain if next week will have more than four posts, but I still have some sweet entries lined up for all of you.

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