Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Abridged Scripts, a Fan-made Gem Site

A couple of years ago, Unreality Mag posted a great Fan-made Gem. I'd meant to share it for some time, but only got around to it now. The Editing Room is a site that specializes in writing one-page scripts that neatly mock major motion pictures. They're terribly funny, and since they're often only one page long, you'd have to be quite lazy to not read at least a few.

They're often fairly clever, and can be gut-bustingly funny the more familiar you are with any particular picture. This is a very fine idea, and it's been nicely-executed.

Although the site has been around for a long time (since 1998!), it's still going strong, having recently given the "Abridged Script" treatment to films like Star Trek into Darkness and Mama.

At this point, there are well over 100 of these, as well as a handful of articles and some "Very Abridged Scripts." Rod, the site's founder, deserves a lot of credit for his writing skill and great sense of humor; I've only checked out a few works by the 13 other site authors - it's a matter of numbers, as Rod has 260 entries, while the others have 174 combined.

I hope you've gotten a good laugh from the scripts that I've posted here, and I encourage you to spend a few minutes at The Editing Room site.

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