Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Great Moments in... Talking to Ghosts

A long time ago, Steve Martin played a widowed brain surgeon. He hits a woman with his car, then saves her life. He falls in love with her beautiful face and body. For the first time since his wife passed on, he's starting to have feelings for a woman.

He doesn't know that his victim/love is a cruel woman who marries rich men, cheats on them constantly, and kills them to inherit their property.

At some point during the exceptional The Man with Two Brains, Steve goes to where he keeps a portrait of his deceased bride. In a moment of both emotional healing and tearfully reaching out, he asks the picture whether he should marry Turner's character. Here's the scene:

This never fails to make me laugh 'til it hurts. If you've somehow missed out on this fine picture, you may want to correct that soon.

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