Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bill Murray 1980's Interview Impressiveness

Oh, irony of ironies! Less than a day after I update my Fair Warning page with good news about how solid I've been in removing typos, today's post went up with nothing more than a URL to Youtube. Well, after a long day of lawyering, I've fixed the accidental draft post that went up.

Bill Murray Appreciation posts were a happy addition to this site. They allowed me to pay tribute to a fine actor who I greatly admired in my youth, and who has continued to impress over the years since then.

Today's entry, then, is a celebration of how funny and personable Mr. Murray has been over the years. I mean, anyone can simply ride off their reputation, but Bill has been making a super-fine impression since... forever. And here's the proof:

The more of these entries that I publish, the more my respect for Bill Murray grows. I hope these posts have the same impact on you...

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