Sunday, September 1, 2013

Reviewing with Others Pt. 55: Sushi: The Global Catch

Before we get to it, I got bittersweet news today: at just under 3100 hit, August had the lowest # of hits that I've received in almost 3 years. The upside is that 3000+ monthly hits is great for a site of this stature (or so I believe); the downside is that none of this work was easy.

But it's hard to get worked up about it, considering that I clearly do this writing for myself (and for potential writing clients). Also, this month saw a shift in schedule, where I left some of my mainstay entry types on the side of the road while I reviewed as many indie screeners as possible. Honestly, I barely check any blogs on Sunday, and the twice weekly effort I kept meant that I could only publish these RwO's every Wednesday and Sunday.

Enough of all that, though, let's move on to today's business...

My latest indie screener experience is Sushi: The Global Catch. It's about the popular Japanese invention and its impact on the global fish supply. Beautifully-shot and amazingly well-structured, this documentary was a real home run - for me, at least.

Due to my work at a fundraiser today, my review was published only about 10 minutes ago. You can read it here at Man, I Love Films.

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