Thursday, November 28, 2013

QftWo 11/25-12/1: Imposters #18 - Birth of the Dead

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! It is the time that all of us in the US take an extra 1-to-2-1/2 days of off work to meet with family and eat copious amounts of food. Between the day off, the company, and the feasting, good moods abound - or, at least, I sure hope they do.

On a scheduling note, I've had difficulty getting as many indie reviews out as I promised. One was supposed to be ready yesterday, but paying work comes first, of course. As such, there will be posts here tomorrow and Saturday - and then I'll post an indie review on Sunday to kick off the last month of 2013!

There are many good posts to come here before the year is out, although I can barely believe it's almost over. Maybe I'll give everyone a quick December preview in one of my next 3 or 4 entries.

And, hey, speaking of unusual feasts, let's talk about braaaaaaaaains:

This poster for Birth of the Dead is excellent! I love the cartoony, caricatured style of the drawings, which neatly reference characters featured in George A. Romero's "X of the Living Dead" films.

The color scheme is similarly pleasing. For one thing, white red and black mix nicely together, and I like the top-to-bottom progression of the colors. The peace sign, the choppers, and the vignette at the bottom are all highlights for me.

However, I'm most impressed by the way that these colors aren't restricted on their use on the poster. Red might just have been relegated to a highlight (like for pools of blood), black might've only been the outline of each drawing, and white might have just been the background. Instead, each of these hues are employed equally throughout this promotional image.

And the tagline in the lower right is nice, and funny, even though the font for the title was very predictable.

This is a really fine job, and the graphic designer(s) behind it deserve a lot of praise. Kudos!

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