Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Great Moments in... Fast Celeb Cameos

Thank god I found one clip with all the relevant sequences from Back to School! This is so much fun. Long story short, Rodney Dangerfield plays a very rough and dirty blue collar-type who became a successful businessman with a men's clothing store that caters to tall and husky men.

After his son takes off for college, Rodney's character decides to get his own bachelor's degree, too. However, pop is more interested in partying and paying others to do his work - even in the English Lit course whose teacher, play by Sally Kellerman, is his potential love interest. Here's what happens when Rodney's part tries to game the system:

I may not want to see BtS ever again - god, it was cheesy - but I truly love that scene.


  1. Yeah, I remember that movie-love the scene where Dangerfield insists on buying new textbooks for his son(who,like most college students, prefer the already underlined ones) and then says "Shakespeare for everybody!' like he's buying drinks at a bar.

    Cheesy,yes, but good fun. Dangerfield had another big movie out a couple of years prior to that called Easy Money,which played more to his good natured slob routine. That one I remember mostly for it's theme song by Billy Joel.

    1. Honesty, there is a lot of cheese, and even silly/stupid/lame, in Back to School - especially because it did that awful thing of having a self-titled song, like almost every 80's movie did, that sounded like it would be better for a Juicyfruit ad.

      But it had a lot of good jokes, too, even though (iirc), Easy Money was the funnier film.

      Anyway, it was the 80's, so comedies had to have (a) at least 4 decent/good jokes, and (b) a full-frontal shot of boobs (or two, or three...). The modern era has lowered the joke requirement, while removing the bare breasts part altogether. I approve, at least, the latter aspect of these modern times...


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