Thursday, November 14, 2013

QftWo 11/11-11/17: Imposters #16 - a case of you

This is very nicely done. I like the background, of course, the Brooklyn Bridge being partially obscured offering an atypical look at a now-common image. The perlescent sky is pretty enough (I love shooting those), but it also clashes nicely with foreground figures. Their placement close up in the frame, and in the lower right corner provides balance to the negative space in the upper left.

As much as I appreciate the more obvious aspects of the photographic composition, the overall look and text elements deserve praise as well. I like the length of the whole poster. It makes you look around at each section - which was when I smiled over the credits. For one thing, that's a nice group of actors to gather. Each name gets a nice amount of space, with an informal capitalization right up to the tagline.

The quick phrase works very well, too. It provides a fast plot synopsis while also revealing (what I assume to be) some of the story's tension.

In case you can't tell! I like this quite a bit. So on the basis of the poster I will look up films reviews and debate going to see it. The graphic designers involved deserve to feel happy and proud of themselves. I hope they get paid well.

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