Monday, November 18, 2013

Bill Murray Body Slamming Stupendousness

A few weeks ago, Uproxx commendably added to my admiration of Bill Murray with a new video. Mr. Murray was on College GameDay, a program on ESPN.

But anyone who's been following these regular posts knows that Mr. Murray doesn't do anything typically, much less half-way. So, along with his usual charm and wit during the interview, Bill pulled out something extra for all the viewers at home: he body-slammed Lee Corso! Let's watch:

Now, what Bill Murray loses for a half-hearted body slam (I want to put those last two words in quotes, but neither man is exactly in the flower of youth), he more than makes up for with a lot of post-takedown theatrics. Surely, Mr. Murray knows his wrestling only slightly less well than he knows his comedy...

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