Thursday, November 21, 2013

QftWo 11/18-11/24: Imposters #17 - Catching Fire, 2

And so we've already reached the point where I'm re-doing the coverage given to an ad that I covered a few weeks ago. But I'm not being cheap, ya'll, this is for a totally different poster to promote the same exact film - in a smaller space.

That's the back of two side-by-side public payphones you're looking at. And, honestly, I think they should have gone with a different image altogether. I had a lot of compliments to give to the larger subway poster. This, on the other hand, looks like the upper-half of a 2nd or 3rd printing of a book you find in airport news stands.

While it does suggest more action than Jennifer Lawrence's standing pose in the earlier promotion, this is just a female archer who looks like she's going to shoot an arrow straight at you. But she's not James Bond! Moreover, this close-up doesn't get the nice color palette boost that the prior offering did.

And I have to say that while I liked the tagline I commented on before, "Remember Who the Enemy Is" is a pretty uninspiring and unclear set of words to use. Overall, I don't think that this poster will inspire people to watch this sequel, unless they already loved the prior film...


  1. Isn't the point of the poster to make people who have already seen the first film excited about the second? Who would watch the sequel without at least renting the other film on Redbox while at a McDonald's? Point being: I think the poster is supposed to convey that Katniss is even more badass now, and therefore you should watch it because, maybe this time, she'll defeat the evil people from the first movie.

    1. Honestly?... I dunno! I never read the books, and I saw the first film two months ago.

      I guess I would say that I'm used to people promoting franchise sequels as if there was no pre-existing fan-base. I guess the image is badass, but there could be a profile long painted graphic of her putting arrows into like 4 competitors. You could go all metal van airbrush, or make it look like a Titian.

      It just feels too much like BIG STAR'S FACE ALL UP IN YOUR GRILL imagery. See my entry for the poster to Matt Damon's Elysium...

  2. Speaking of questionable movie poster art, you might want to check this out....


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