Monday, January 13, 2014

QftWo 1/13-1/19: Imposters #29 - I, Frankenstein

Well, this poster for I, Frankenstein is an evocative image. Immediately, you know that this movie will feature blood, guts... and a trenchcoat.

I have a fondness for strong light and dark contrasts, visually, so I am less annoyed by the sole focus on the title character than I am impressed by the presentation.

Still, it's so lifeless (ha), with nothing else to say than "here's a bloody monster!" Also, the sole words on the poster are: "Immortal," which is inaccurate and insultingly-simplistic; "January 2014," which is informative, but still kind of vague...

Actually, let's take a look at the equally unimpressive subway ad for I,F:

Just look at that thing. It's like a less-inspired version of the Last Survivor poster. It certainly gives you no idea that Frankie is the center of a fight between angels and demons (and Frank's power of immortality), does it? Sorry, let me get back to those last points I was making.

"200 Years Later, He's Still Alive," doesn't work. It's simply... flat. And, bluntly put, "From the Producers of Underworld" is not a phrase that should inspire confidence in anyone except for the producers of Underworld.


  1. Hey, I'm about to do a post featuring the trailer for this movie(along with Vampire Academy and Devil's Due) and yeah, this poster is a tad flat but then again, some of that may be due to the low expectations given to horror films with a midwinter release.

    1. That's so cool, lady t! I look forward to reading it - sorry I've been so busy, but I've been working like mad on my off-site writing.

      Yes, off-season horror tends to get the shaft, but You're Next had some blasé posters despite its proximity to Halloween. I'm still kicking myself for missing that one...

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