Sunday, January 26, 2014

QftWo 1/20-1/26: Imposters #31 - Ride Along

Well... at the very least I think that Ice Cube is cool.

It's just a shame that everything here except for the casting is uninspired. No, wait, the tagline isn't too bad - but it's still nothing special. But even that's not entirely fair - I think it's the theatrical poster's fault.

The wiki version of this same image has no background lighting, so the whole image is clearer. Additionally, the color palette is easier to see. And, on this second, closer look, I am actually fairly impressed.

I like the clothing, posture in relation to one another, as well as their expressions. I love that a whitish-grey is the dominant color for the entire background, as well as all the clothing, save Ice Cube's black ensemble and Hart's pants, their ride is the only major flash of white.

I don't think it's symbolic or anything, but I do think that looks terribly cool.

And either one of those beat the graphic shown in subways, hands down. Look at that image below, and try not to feel embarrassed for everyone involved.

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