Tuesday, January 21, 2014

International Stories about Impassioned Film Projectionists

If, like me, you follow Kermode & Mayo's BBC film reviews, you know that Dr. Kermode has a deep respect for film projectionists. He regularly talks about the importance of quality projection, and how a poor job - or lack of a projectionist altogether - can ruin the viewing experience. Though I am not nearly as educated on the topic as Dr. K., I do agree with his points.

So I was both happy and pleased by a recent email I received from my good friend, Tom. Tom hosts an excellent website, radio swirly international, where you can listen to some excellent music from around the planet. And Tom was considerate enough to point me to Planetary Projection, a section of the Caboose Books site that is curating stories about film projectionists from around the world.

Entries go back to 2011, with new ones added every month or two. It's a leisurely project that conveys a wide scope as 17 counties are represented: Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Japan, India, Ireland, Macedonia, The Netherlands, Norway, Scotland, South Africa, Thailand, and the US.

The individual stories of these dedicated men and women are engaging and interesting. It's important to recall the impact of cinema around the world, and to remember that so many people play a big role in that - from crewmembers to writers to the people that operate our movie-houses.

I'm very glad that at least one corner of the web is dedicated to throwing a little love and attention their way, too. Much thanks to Tom, and to Caboose Books! We should all be more appreciative of these passionate professionals.

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