Thursday, January 9, 2014

QftWo 1/26-1/12: Imposters #28 - Lone Survivor

There are times you get the feeling that people are trying. Sometimes they try too hard, other time they don't try hard enough. But it's better than feeling that people aren't trying at all.

In that sense, I don't know what to make of the poster for Lone Survivor. I like the colors, and the composition if the shot. It's good that it's off-center... But I look at the theater poster, and I'm just fine with it. I like the colors and it has... a strong atmosphere about it.

Mark's half-hidden face suggests some deep undercurrents here. Or it could be the figure looking backward. Or it could be that you only see half of what you think you're seeing, which could be clever.

And then, I get a look at the subway poster. Now, I don't want to be excessive here, but:

you've gotta be kidding me. "Mark Wahlberg Lone Survivor Based on True Acts of Courage January 10"

I don't find that good or impressive or anything. And though the shot is well-produced - the colors look nice, even if they lose all the afore-mentioned atmosphere e it's still not better than Matt Damon's Elysium poster. Considering the background of this movie, you'd think it would deserve a better or more compelling tagline.

Or that it had a director...

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