Monday, January 20, 2014

Great Moments in... Unusal Weaponry (Melee Edition)

There was no indie film review last week, obviously. I needed a break from writing blog posts, and I already had four entries up (speaking of which, I doubt I'll keep offering 2 Imposters every week).

It's nice to just watch a movie and not worry about reviewing it, y'know? And I needed that. I'll post RwO #68 this weekend, probably.

On to the topic at hand - Godfather I: Sonny vs. Carlo. Sonny was always my favorite member of the Corleone family. He's got charm and passion to spare, and a good sense of humor. His biggest flaw is, of course, his temper.

And, as you'd know if you'd seen the film, the biggest disturbance that he faces is that his sister, Connie, is getting smacked around by Carlo, her new husband.

As angry as these sorts of things make me, I don't know that they make me angry enough to turn anything nearby into a weapon.

Or angry to the point of exhaustion.


  1. I love everything about that scene, phantom punch and all. Caan shows everything about Sonny in that clip, going from concern to anger to duplicity and from there straight to animal rage. The part that was burned in my memory as a kid was the trashcan lid as improvised weapon--what tickles me now is him hitting Carlo with his own shoe.

    1. Yes. Everything you're saying about this is yes.

  2. Sonny is the ultimate force of chaos--and representative of how the old mob bosses did it (you hit the opposition with anything and everything you have when you're on a rocky island like Sicily).

    1. He really is an amazing character. Of the two Godfather movies, I have always preferred the first to the second because I enjoy seeing the whole family together, and because Sonny is so damn fun.

      He really does run on pure emotion, and it's damn easy to see that would have to be very lucky to live to his father's age.


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