Sunday, March 2, 2014

Imposters #39: Vampire Academy

This particular poster has been very hard to shoot, and I don't mean just because it's an eyesore.

You can see a little bit of horizontal glare along the very top of the poster. It's caused by the fluorescent bulb overhead, but even posters that weren't so close to a light source had the same problem.

So it took a bit of work, but I finally got it down and took a shot without the glare.

The tagline is okay, but every other element of the poster is just horrible. And by "every other element," I mean:

the size - and, most of all, the clashing pink color - of the tagline; the uninspiring outfits worn by the two women in the ad; the extremely boring background, which is reminiscent of nothing, save for perhaps the Roman arch; the awkward banner with the film title and the names of the brother writer/director team (even though it's wise to advertise the names behind two classic high school stories); and, above all, the sickly and garish neon/lime green color that overtakes the entire image.

This represents a veritable "what not to do" of film promotional poster design.

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