Sunday, March 9, 2014

Imposters #40: About Last Night

So I'm the first person to say that I'm glad to see a remake that transposes the race/ethnicity of the leads. In so many cases - as with the Rob Lowe/Demi Moore 1986 vehicle, About Last Night - the specific background of the characters doesn't matter at all. So why not make them not white?

Unless, of course, the Powers That Be think that nobody really wants to see a movie unless it's about a white wo/man...

In this case, I'm fine with the poster. I like the idea of using a few shots, like vignettes, to establish the feel of the picture, and elements of the characters and story. I think the taglines are just fine - two serious, then one that's funny, with all tied to the film's title.

And I like the pictures that they use. The topmost makes clear this is a mature movie, because its showing two people in bed, obviously talking or discussing something. You might think they're saying "peace" or throwing up gang signs, but I'm sure it's just rock-paper-scissors.

And this means that more "adult" men and women should enjoy ALN.

The next shot tells the viewer that the movie will have some kind of romantic sweetness to it. The way that the two actors are standing and looking at each other pretty much guarantees that the middle photo is trying for that vibe.

And this means that more romantic/innocent men and women (especially women) should enjoy ALN.

The last shot makes it clear that "guys" are being kept in mind here. And this means that dudes who care about what their fellow dudes get up to will be able to enjoy ALN.

Bonus points for the poster's putting the main cast's names in big font, then using the smaller font for two additional actors (Christopher McDonald and Paula Patton).

I'm not necessarily a fan of the overall work, but I can say that it's doing lot to sell itself, and not doing it badly...

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