Thursday, March 27, 2014

Jaguar's Clever Typecasting Ad

Thank you Hulu! This entry has to be a Youtube Gem, because it's a professionally-made Jaguar ad, so "fan" doesn't quite fit here. And yet the excellent delivery makes it actually feel like a Fan-made Gem. Anyway, watch as Sir Ben Kingsley, Mark Strong, and Tom Hiddleston enjoy the hell out of mocking British villain typecasting.

It's quick, it's punchy, it looks beautiful - quite sleek and dark, befitting the subject - and it's very funny. It helps that these guys are all solid actors, and they range from: an old favorite, like Kingsley, who's done some huge turns as antagonists; to Strong, who was in 25 or so movies between 2008 and 2013; to a new favorite like Hiddles.

Of course, after the second time I watched this, I had to stifle the reply: because of all those things your nation did

But let's not spend much time on such thoughts now...

I have a lot of respect for everyone involved in this, because it really is quite well-made, in the best possible spirit of an advertisement. There's also a double-length version:

And, if you ever needed anything to tell you that this concise video isn't a Fan-made Gem, those don't usually have a teaser video. This thing went live around January 11th, stirring up buzz for a longer commercial that would air in the first few days of February, 2014:

In addition, it has a "making of" video, which was also available on Youtube. I don't care whether this vid is hawking a product or not, it's still quite entertaining, and I'm happy to add these to the site.

Or maybe I'm just so pleased because Hulu played a non-painful ad for a change...

I'll be back next week with four more. I think I'll cover a Cronenberg movie soon, maybe Zodiac as well, my dual reviews of Serenity and Iron Sky just need a final pass, DJ's working on some posts, and Net-flixation's fifth anniversary is less than 30 days away.


  1. I adore this commercial. Hiddles <3

    1. It is great. You haven't been posting as much lately, but I'll check your site today!

      Hiddles really is the best

  2. I love the ad, but I can't help but grieve for the product. Jaguars used to be such distinctive cars, and now they look like everything else on the road. I know that this is just the laws of aerodynamics being unsympathetic to human aesthetics, but I think if you're in the luxury vehicle market, you probably don't want your prized toy confused with a Lexus or high-end Toyota.


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