Friday, March 21, 2014

Imposters #42: Need for Speed

Entry #700 is a big deal, isn't it? I mean, this time it falls sort of in between the gaps, with my own (and DJ's) year end summary coming out two months ago, and this site's 5th anniversary coming up next month. So I don't think I should list the posts I am proudest of yet - there will be time for that next month.

But I do want to thank everyone for reading and commenting here, and making this little labor of love easier and happier. You have my undying gratitude!

Unfortunately, today's graphic is a little too reminiscent of the Drive poster... Although I do like the color palette. I'm also fond of the shot composition, with the moody, half-obscured face of the film's lead. I can't tell if I like the title's font, but I definitely like the white text contrasting with the black, blue, and orange scheme.

Overall, I wouldn't call this poster too special, despite it being a decent retro effort.


  1. Wow, that Drive poster really reminds me of how much I like Newton Thomas Sigel's work (he's probably best known as Bryan Singer's Director of Photography).

    Given that Need for Speed is supposed to be a big vehicle for Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul, that poster is tragic. It reduces him to a high forehead and beady eyes, apparently driving through the most garish part of Las Vegas. Not a great showpiece.

    1. Well, I don't know how big a vehicle NfS is supposed to be. I haven't seen any commercials for it, although I haven't been in a theater for months and don't watch too much TV.

      They do put movie ads on Youtube and Hulu, right? Shouldn't I have seen it there?

      Anyway, I figure the image does a decent job of conveying tension, so it either (a) doesn't need to work too hard on a burgeoning star like Mr. Paul, or (b) needs to work much harder.

      There are nice stylistic elements in this poster, but yeah, it's not a great showcase...

  2. I'm pretty sure I've seen ads for it in the lead up to release, but not too many. The biggest ad for Need for Speed was an extended near-trailer that ran during the Breaking Bad finale back in September. That ad, which was insanely melodramatic, was all about Paul's character, who had a long monologue about righting injustice and getting revenge (or some such).


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