Monday, January 5, 2015

HISHE Batman v Superman Trailer

Happy 1/5/15, everyone! It's been a while since I've posted anything from the How It Should Have Ended crew. But I was scanning their YouTube page the other day and was pleasantly surprised to see that they made a new entry for the upcoming Batman v Superman clusteref--k that I'm sure Zack Snyder, the genius behind 300, will unload like a bodily function onto filmgoers everywhere.

Harsh? Yes, yet word of his last superhero film, Man of Steel, cemented my decision to stay away. The guy has no viable concept of story or character, his work is often offensive to woman (and/or feminists), nor is his photographic composition and visual style as good as Michael Bay's (for which, sigh, the guy genuinely has a gift and is known to work hard at). And Snyder's pictures, from a storytelling perspective, are actively bad to me, not merely bland or incompetent. (Feel free to call in, folks. That number again is 300!)

Snyder is thus worse than both Bay and Brett Ratner, and I think his taking the reins for both Superman and Batman and the Justice League and who gives a f--k anymore, Warner Bros/DC seems to have abandoned any concern for or dedication to quality filmmaking. They're just superhero films, I can find better things to do.

Not a hyperbolic stance at all, right?

So, apparently, a teaser trailer for BvS played at this year's Comic-Con, and the HISHE team responded in the way I've come to expect from them: with charm and cleverness. It helps that I'm a big fan of all their vids of Bruce and Clark chilling out. These guys keep the characters recognizable and reasonably-consistent, posing Kent and Wayne as the best of buddies. It's just that they both have big egos and time to d--K around with each other - two grown up kids living their dreams, without a care. Let's watch:

I was not going to post any more fan-made gems, but this one made me laugh hard enough to make it worthwhile for us all...If you look at that Super Cafe video I linked to above, you'll realize how long the HISHE people have been having fun with this material.

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