Monday, May 27, 2013

HISHE's Super Cafe: Trailer of Steel

I haven't checked in with the How It Should Have Ended crew in a couple of months. It's not that I like them less than I once did, I'm just trying not to stick to CinemaSins, Honest Trailers, and HISHE too much.

One of the cutest and funniest things about this series of videos is that HISHE often set up this random diner in which superheroes chill out with a cup of coffee and converse. Since the beginning, Superman and Batman have been mainstays of this (their appearance in The Avengers' HISHE vid is great), sitting around and teasing each other like two old college friends.

This December 2012 video, wherein Supes and The Bat talk about the trailer for Man of Steel, is simply hysterical. It makes sane people laugh like they've lost it altogether.

When I saw Christopher Nolan's name on the screen, I got a little ferklempt myself.

I was bouncing up and down, I was so giddy from this.
No, because that would've been a rip-off of Mr. Nolan as well.

That was such a good laugh...

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