Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Site Update: More Reviews

I was going to post a Reviewing with Others entry today (for the Arrested Development Documentary Project), but decided to hold off until tomorrow. Why is this worth typing about? I realized I should probably give everyone a little bit of notice: there are going to be many more reviews coming up over the next month or so, and I'm going to cut back on some regular entries in order to post them.

I have over 20 screeners waiting to be seen and reviewed, and I'm decently settled into my new home and new job. However, things are still not so easy that I can post more often than 4 (possibly 5) times per week. As such, I will probably scale back on one of my regular weekly entries. Fan-made Gems aren't going anywhere, and I already plan for one "random" entry every week, so I may soon take a break from my weekly Question posts.

As much as I love doing the Questions, a lot of them have been "what's your favorite X" entries, and that's not as gratifying for me (or you?) as the one wondering why The Matrix made Neo a lousy savior from the get-go, why Wesley never wrote Buttercup over seven years, and why Luke would toss his lightsaber away at the end of Jedi.

So if I don't find more inspiration like that after the next two weekly installments, you can be sure that reviews will appear in their place until I'm all recharged.

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