Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bill Murray Patronage Amazingness

Bless my friend, Doc Connor. He's a multi-talented genius, so I suppose he's already blessed, but he saw that I wrote about Bill Murray and Connor pointed me to a photographer's website.

I can't remember if he was responding to this post or this other entry, as I've had plenty of personal (and work) drama in the meantime. Regardless, this gifted person, Olivia Rae James, shoots in a town where Mr. Murray owns an athletic team, and he asked her to take shots of him.

This infamous sports nut has a great reputation for being a comedian who does not take an embittered, s--ty viewpoint on life. My own inclination toward being a clown, along with his astoundingly down-to-earth attitude, are what make me so proud to be a fan of his work.

Given relentlessly how cool he is, I suppose it's unsurprising that Mr. Murray reached out to this talented artist. I'm a photographer, too, and her composition is just lovely. The world is a better place for his being part of it.

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