Monday, May 13, 2013

Literal Trailer Music: Iron Man 3

Fortunately, the weekend give me time to rest and catch up with my hobbies and my other jobs. And, while taking a few minutes to relax, I came across a great new Fan-made Gem. Thank heaven for small diversions.

Youtube uploader Tobuscus has been making "literal" songs for the trailers of various movie and games. As a lover of language, I gotta say, one of my favorite things is to be very literal. Several years ago, I had the following exchange at work:
coworker, pointing to bag on a table between us: is that you?
me: no, that's a bag, I'm a human being.
The work this creative uploader puts into the clips is fine. And even though he's simply turning the on-screen visuals into the lyrics of a song, it's very hard not to laugh at the results. I haven't watched more than one of the video game trailers, but this person's dedication to being literal was enough to leave me doubling over a few times.

So today's entry features Tobuscus having fun with the bombastic trailer for the mega-blockbuster Iron Man 3. I love the result so much!

It's hard to pick my favorite part, although everything around the house part is extra-extra-good.

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