Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Something I Forgot: My Favorite Posts of Year 4!

Wow! When I was making my 4th anniversary post, I wondered whether I'd missed something: don't I usually add a list of the best posts from that year? I forgot to follow up on that until last week.

Turns out I did. Hence, to the post from April 23rd. It may seem tedious, but I do like that particular tradition - even if I was too busy and tired to remember. So let's get to it now:

When I decided to go weekly with my Question posts, instead of just bi-weekly, it was because I had a nice little collection of things to ask - both little things that movies didn't answer as well as things to speculate about or discuss. But one of the earliest weekly entries was inspired by my pique at seeing the new cinematic Peter Parker sporting a hairdo out of one of the Twilight films.

Honorable mention goes to the one about the third Indiana Jones film, and the entry envisioning Commando with Freddy Mercury as the villain. That one made me so happy!

My favorite news entry of last year was, of course, the shocking revelation that George Lucas sold Lucasfilm to Disney. The latter company owns far too many other entertainment makers - in my opinion, it's virtually an antitrust issue - but Mr. Lucas wasn't doing anything with the franchise, anyway. And, as I note in that entry, I actually wished a few months earlier, on this site, that GL would remove himself from the equation. How prescient of me!

I loved so many of the Fan-made Gems from this past year - I flooded one month with such entries as I needed to take a bit of a writing break, and film fans were especially active in 2012 and 2013. I can't really choose one favorite, though, and both of my selections were political, a rare thing on this site. Yeah, I'm referring to Joss Whedon's truly hysterical (ironic) endorsement of Romney's candidacy, as well as to the wonderful moving .gif of the symbolic aftermath of the 2012 election. They're both so brilliant, and I'm proud to host them here.

Last year, I started reviewing indie screeners for Man, I Love Films, and my reviews for Net-flixation fell to roughly 1 per month. The reason for this was that I was also doing 1 per week on another website. Hell, I only managed to complete and publish 1 MRQ this past year!

And now, I can't really pick one favorite review for Year 3 as Half a Film Student. For one thing, DJ contributed a few impressive ones himself. For another, I'm pretty proud of over a dozen specific entries. As such, I give you my 7 favorite reviews for this site between April 23, 2012 and April 23, 2013:

DJ's fine review of Django, in addition to his coverage of Prometheus, the movie I dared not see because then I would've hated Ridley Scott and myself; my reviews of The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers; my extremely-yet-deservedly harsh reviews of The Words and Tron Legacy; and my own warm response to the fine romantic comedy, Save the Date.

There were many contenders, including the off-site entries, but I'll stand by those 7. We might be here all day, otherwise.

Finally, since the subject of this entry is things I didn't notice, I'll mention another thing I missed until I looked back on my 3rd anniversary post: I got over 58,000 hits since then. Over half of this site's traffic came in the past year alone.

I'm not sure what to make of it, even though my output has nearly doubled two years in a row. Regardless, I am sure that it's something to be very, very proud of. Who cares if so many of them are image searches for Aliens, Lifeforce, Splice (ugh) and pictures of popcorn? For now (and for this), it makes sense not to be too picky about the attention.

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