Monday, October 29, 2012

HAHAHA - No wait, Joss Whedon is fantastic

I usually avoid posting twice in one day, and now - but I have the day off and the AV Club's news had me laughing too hard to... you'll see.

As I've said - now twice before - I avoid getting political here because, simply: who cares about real-life politics when you're talking about movies? We're usually not discussing a realistic, much less, average situation. And only some period piece films discuss the actual politics or societal beliefs of any era. 

Best to save it for when you need it, right?

Just as importantly, I have artistic principles, and one of them is that an artist (unless they're happy where they are) should be able to work in any style, with any purpose in mind. No one should stick to slapstick comedy - if you're great at it, then fine, but also use other types of humor... And writers shouldn't just stick to one genre - in private or public, if you're not experimenting every so often, then you'll just sink.

WHATEVER: I can post this here because it's movie-related: Joss Whedon is credited as "Filmmaker," and this video also fits in just fine with what I've learned from cinema. Special praise goes to the end-blurb, and paying attention to the crucial difference between George A. Romero zombies and 28 Days Later zombies.

Yes, somehow, I'm all a-twitter with Joss Whedon's endorsement of Mitt Romney for the Prez office:

It's so rare that I feel this way. I don't know what to do, so I'll take a bath while NYC still has power. Just remember: a New York native tends to look up at the sky and say, "what the f--k is your problem?" If you're stuck in this insane weather pattern, brave readers - do the same. Do the same.


  1. Terrific. Just shared to Facebook.

  2. Thanks, man! Yeah, this is an amazing use of wit and satire. I was gonna be lazy about it, but the havoc that is Hurricane Sandy gave me a nice window to work in =)

  3. This was so funny. I don't care about politics and I really really don't care about American politics, but hell yes to Joss Whedon for doing this. Man's a friggin' genius.

  4. Honestly, I wasn't gonna mention this post to you because I guessed exactly that, and if life's left you free from the ugliness of America politics, I nearly envy you.

    But the gift of great comedy knows no boundaries. Yeah, he's not just a genius - he's an inspired genius.


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