Friday, October 12, 2012

Looper 1st Thoughts, Review Coming

Don't worry, I still owe you a 4th post this week, but I wanted to share some news: last night, I went with my friend Ash to see Looper, Rian Johnson's latest picture; it stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis.

If any of those names sound familiar, it's because I've really been looking forward to this picture, for like a year. And I already gave Rian Johnson's debut film, Brick, an intensely-adoring review.

Go see Looper in the theater asap. I so need Rian Johnson to have the chance to do more stuff like this. I think I might see it again in the theater - I already know I'm going to buy the DVD, but the sight of it on the big screen is impressive. And Johnson released an mp3 that you can download free, a director's commentary meant to be listened to in the theater while watching Looper!

And he'll still make a new director's commentary for the home video release. Classy guy, right?

I'll try to get my Looper review ready soon, possibly this weekend. But, I have a lot of other work to do, along with my own chores and errands, as well as some much-needed rest. Gotta catch up on my sleep, y'know? If I can't shift my schedule and review it soon, this post will have to do.

What can I tell you right now?

It was f--king fantastic, and I'm so glad I walked in knowing almost nothing about it. It was ambitious, different, focused enough that it didn't seem pretentious. It had so many great action scenes, as well as quality character development. The dialogue and acting and effects and camerawork were all fine.

Were there flaws? Of course. Did I find some small logic problems with the time travel, even as I watched it? Yes - specifically two issues, I think. Did any of it make me less impressed or satisfied or entertained? F no!...  Hell, Looper even spikes the ball by being thought-provoking.

It was clever and unique and different, and at times I thought that Rian Johnson mashed up a great Twilight Zone ep with a hard-core action film. I'm even more amazed that Johnson was the writer, too, as 60% or more of the story sounds straight out of Philip K. Dick - my beloved scifi icon who wrote the stories for Total Recall, Blade Runner, Minority Report, and more. Another homerun, Rian!

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