Sunday, October 7, 2012

Reviewing with Others, Pt. 22: Third Star

I recently watched Third Star, a UK drama about 4 men going on a trip. It's really one last journey with their terminally ill friend, James who just turned 29 and won't live to see 30. The group hikes their way around the beautiful coast of Wales, James often moving around on a combination bicycle frame/adult-sized stroller.

I liked TS quite a bit - it's nicely acted, even if it has a few flaws. It also features the best name ever, Benedict Cumberbatch, a fine UK actor who I've loved in the BBC's Sherlock series. Going up live at 10 A.M. EST, you can read my review over at Man, I Love Films if you want to learn more.

UPDATE: It goes up at 4 P.M., not 10, sorry!

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