Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Reviews, Videos, and Links

Another year, another Halloween. I said I wouldn't do anything special for it, but I lied. It's a great holiday, one which I support... In fact, I'm wearing my costume now, because blogging is more fun when it looks like you're crazy. In any case, I wanted to give you something to help you enjoy the season cinematically.

Like, for example, this 12 minute, 20 second vid of horror movie quotes. The video, compiled by Harry Hanrahan, and posted on pajiba.com by Dustin Rowles, is put together pretty well. Best of all, it shifts back and forth over films from every era - all the classic lines are here, and some are from pictures like Blue Velvet. Hanrahan recognizes the tension of horror even when it's outside the genre...

I have to point out, however, that this fine video is missing one of my favorite horror scenes. Its absence stands out, since the Evil Dead 2 picture is the cover-photo for the Youtube upload. Yes, of course, I mean this:

I'd include ED2's "Dead by dawn!" scene, but those videos were taken down, sadly... Or, moving, you can get some ideas by checking out the Horror tag here. That'll keep you focused on those specific posts, as will the Slasher and Thriller tags. You can also check out my MRQ Halloween reviews from 2010 and 2011, the latter of which has my list of Halloween rental recommendations.

And, as I've reminded everyone twice this month already, there's still the Red Letter Media horror film that's available free until the end of tomorrow.

There's also this nice post from Flavorwire, listing 10 Halloween cartoons that you can watch in full on Youtube. This awesome collection of embedded videos is very, very gratifying, and includes:

Jem and the Holograms, The Duxorcist, Dr. Seuss' Grinch riding out on All Hallows' Eve, Haunted Halloween from Disney, Fright to the Finish (a Popeye cartoon), Scooby Doo's "The Hassle in the Castle," and very early Disney, indeed with 1929's The Skeleton Dance and 1937's Lonesome Ghosts, as well as Casper in To Boo or Not to Boo.

But there's one classic that Flavorwire found that you really have to watch: Disney's 1949 masterpiece, The Legend of Sleepy Hallow. It's fantastic for getting in the mood of the season.

Oh, and you should probably watch Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video. Go on Youtube, find it and have your socks blown off. After all these years, that thing remains a perfect contribution to all things Halloween.

That's all that I have time for now. I've got more than four posts coming out this week, and I have plenty of work to do for my 3-4 other jobs. I'll have a post up tomorrow, tho...

I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween!

Half a Film Student

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