Friday, October 26, 2012

Site Update: Free Oct Video, Writing For Other Sites

Sometimes, I want more posts to show on my homepage. The current limit, 7, doesn't make the site load slowly, but it is easier for a post to go out of sight, out of mind. I guess it's my own fault, too, because I always include enough text on each post's homepage snippet to lure you in.

Long story short: Red Letter Media's horror movie is still available to watch online, free through Halloween. This week's movie review hasn't been written yet (again, Looper must wait a bit, but you already have my brief reaction), but once I post it, my promotion of RLM's work will be a little harder to find.

But besides making sure you can take advantage of Red Letter Media's generosity, I wanted to prepare everyone for a few changes:

You'll be getting more than four posts per week here, and pretty soon at that. Some of those extra posts will be links to my work in different formats (like... maybe a podcast), as well as new, regular written entries on other sites. I'll try it 'til the end of 2012, and decide if I need to post less often here or elsewhere. Be warned, paying work comes first...

Also, some of the extra-impressive posts from this blog will be popping up on sites that are way more popular than mine. Some of the funnier entries are being pursued, but I'll keep them on this site as well. Consider yourselves super-cool for having joined in during the early days! (oh ---- it, the 3rd and a half year, but you know what I mean)

As to the holiday: for two years now, I've done a Halloween MRQ, reviewing 7 films at once. Last year's post got a lot of hits, but little feedback, and my time was really cut short this month. I'm not gonna exhaust myself to get another MRQ ready in time, not when i already prepared 4 posts for the week...

And, regardless, last year's Samhain entry also had a whole set of Halloween viewing recommendations - I even gave them an anchor link so you could skip the reviews and jump straight to what movies you should rent. My picks hold up well, I think, and I don't have much to add to them just yet, either...

This week's review will be up tomorrow or Sunday. It's about a documentary on female beer makers. Next week will be packed with good posts; I'm extra-excited by the Fan-made Gem I found. But, heaven help me, my post this coming Monday will push something even more precious off the home page:

I won't be able to instantly look at a picture of kitty goggles just by typing my own url... How depressing is that?

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