Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fan-made Then & Now Photography

All glory to the AV Club! Seriously, Scott Tobias managed to find yet another magnificent Fan-made Gem for me.

This week's installment of Fan-made Gems features an art that I deeply love: photography. It's not just that I practice it myself, it's that photographs are a versatile type of art - your imagination can just take over and you can do so much with them!

In this case,  Christopher Moloney takes pictures of real-world places that were used in films. He holds up a black & white shot of the scene from the movie, obscuring part of the frame as he takes a picture of the current location. The effect is very, very impressive.

Check out Moloney's work at his excellent tumblr.


  1. Seems kind of derivative of the artist Ben Heine

    1. Well, Ben's work is good, but this isn't like taking a picture of a dog while holding up a photo of the dog in front of part of the dog.

      The motion pictures have already been shot - and, since these places have been familiar to me from like age 7 and up, I can tell you - I've seen that subway entrance all my life. I've thought of The Warriors often... I respond more to Moloney's shots, and in a very particular way.

      And, hell, Heine may not be the first to do it, either. For all I know, artists were doing these exact types of photos in the 1940's or 50's or something. The shots I put up here require


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