Monday, October 15, 2012

Red Letter Media's Free Horror Film

It's important to remember and give credit to the people that you respect, people that inspire you. I try to give the names of whoever's pointed me to a fun fact or video, as well as the folks that make all the videos I've embedded or linked to here.

I like to promote Red Letter Media whenever I can. They're not just one of the few sites that I've linked here repeatedly - they have really been mentioned on this site very often; very often, indeed. They're more than just high-quality, skilled, hard-working filmmakers, tho - more even than just smart reviewers or good comedians... They're also pretty classy.

Jay and Mike, the two main faces of RLM
As such, they've made one of their indie films available for free for the month of October. It's called The Recovered, and it's a 90-minute horror film, and you should check it out here. I haven't watched it yet, but I have seen several of their short films (and Half in the Bag, and Plinkett's reviews), so I'm certain it has the same quality and intelligence as the rest of their work. It may be a little less funny than usual, judging by the description.

Then again, the RLM guys don't just have to rely on their sense of humor to impress you. I hope I don't, either. Before this month ends, please follow the link and enjoy their work. Then check out the rest of their films; they deserve your interest and understanding. Actually, hell, I might review The Recovered later...

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